Terms & Conditions

Our Terms and Conditions

The highest bidder to be the purchaser subject to the auctioneers having the right to refuse the bidding of any person. Should any dispute arise as to the biddings, the auctioneer has the right to declare the purchaser or, if both parties are in agreement, the lot in dispute, is to be immediately put up for sale again at the preceding.

No person shall advance a lesser bid than a sum to be nominated by the auctioneer and no bid shall be retracted.

Reserves are stated on the catalogue. A vendor may not bid above a reserve that has been set. If a vendor bids on a lot, and they win it, the normal buyers fees applies. All lots are sold subject to the right of the seller or their agent to bid, or else impose a reserve no less than 12 hours prior to the viewing of goods.

On the fall of the hammer all lots shall be at the risk of the purchaser who shall pay for & remove within the time frame stated by the auctioneer. If for any reason the purchaser fails to complete his purchase as aforesaid, the auctioneer reserves the right to resell the lot & any net increase in price shall be the property of the vendor. The purchaser however, shall be called upon to make up any loss or deficiency of any such resale together with all expenses attending such sale.

All lots are sold as shown & with all faults, imperfections & errors in description. The auctioneer act as a agent, they have the full discretion to refuse any bidding or to withdraw any lots for sale, without in either case giving any reason, neither they nor the vendor are responsible for errors of description or for authenticity of any lot or fault or defect in it, and make no warranty whatever.

The lots are at the buyers risk from the fall of the hammer & are to be taken away at the buyers expense, in default of which the auctioneer will not hold themselves responsible, if the same are lost, stolen, damaged or otherwise destroyed, they will be left at the sole risk of the purchaser. If the lots are not cleared or paid for, they may then be sold immediately either publicly or by private treaty, without any notice been given to the defaulter.

Private vehicles are assumed to have NO finance owing on them, unless stated by the seller or agent. In the case of vehicles sold on behalf of finance companies, the hook is removed from that vehicle once the finance company have been paid by The Auction House Ltd. The time frame for this is determined by the method of payment from the buyer. Vehicles are not to be removed from the sale area, until a change of ownership has been completed and sighted by the auctioneer or staff nominated.

No goods are to be removed from the auction until they have been paid for.

Ownership of items does not pass to the purchaser until payment has cleared, the vendor reserves the right to repossess any item if payment is not made in full. If a debt collector or repossession agent is called upon to reclaim payment or goods, then the costs of the agent will be added to the outstanding amount.

As of April 2021 a 16% buyers premium (or otherwise stated by the auctioneer) + GST, applies at the fall of the hammer. If paying via credit card, the buyer will be asked via the terminal to confirm a fee attached with this payment. As of May 2021 we will NO LONGER accept cheques as payment


All goods and reserve/guide prices will only be accepted by mutual agreement.

Goods will be taken/auctioned for a specific length of time (usually 2 -3 weeks).

In cases where a sale is not or cannot be completed, items are expected to be collected/removed or permission granted to discard of such goods.

Once goods have been auctioned, payout is available 14 days after auction. In cases of estates or larger quantities of goods, we usually payout once all the items have sold through, though your “payment to date” is available on request if you prefer.

With the removal of cheques by banks in 2021, payments will be made via internet to the vendor. We will require your account name and account # to facilitate this. Invoices can be collected at our business or can be emailed to you (which will require us to have your email address).

No cash payments will be made except in discretionary cases of smaller amounts.

Listing, lotting & grouping of goods will be at the discretion of The Auction staff.

We aim to give the best service possible and do our job to the best of our ability and your cooperation is appreciated.

As of April 2021, our vendor commission will be 26% + GST.