Selling Items

Most people are familiar with the auction process but many have never sold anything at auction. Our job is to guide you through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible. Why offer your possessions to just one person, often ending in negotiation over the price?

By bringing your goods to The Auction you will be offering those goods to many potential buyers so optimising its market value.

We aim to offer your goods to as many people as possible for the best price possible. Remember, we work for you, if you make money, we make money.

Having a clear out? Want the garage space back? Downsizing your home or moving overseas?

$$ Why not let us turn your unwanted goods in to cash $$

Single items to Estate lots – Home – Business – Workshop – Garage

Lounge, bedroom, dining & garden furniture, antiques & collectables, white-ware, tools, electronics, entertainment, sports, exercise or hobbyist equipment, jewellery, glass, china, vehicles, maritime, building or renovating goods.

Anything considered.

Give us a call & discuss what you have or bring it in to our Heaton St premises in Timaru where Craig, Shaun or Jody will be happy to personally assist you.

We have a Collection & Delivery service available (charges apply) please ring for a quote. Out of town enquiries welcome.

When we take goods for auction, we will give you a consignment note with a unique number, which applies to your goods, everything is tagged with that number & lotted accordingly.

In the case of boxed or multiple goods, the box or group gets tagged and any items separated will also be tagged with your consignment number.

We are always happy to discuss reserve & guide prices, auctioneering is not an exact science but we can give you best guides on what we would expect goods to achieve on the auction floor. In many instances values are far more pleasing than anticipated.

The majority of the items on the floor are un-reserved, and normally take care of themselves. Remember that we aim to achieve the highest price possible, “if you make money we make money”.

On occasions where goods do not sell on auction day, maybe through no interest in that particular item, the reserve price was not met or a fair & reasonable price has not been reached, we would roll the items over to next auction to give them a second chance.

Quite often we would negotiate after the auction with people who missed the bid or are prepared to raise their bid or meet the reserve price.

If goods are still not sold we would give you a call to discuss options, whether to give them a third try or have you take the goods back or have us dispose of the items on your behalf.

In cases where reserve prices are not met, we would give you a call with the figure that we reached during the auction, this gives you the opportunity to accept the price reached or to maybe reconsider a lower reserve for the next auction.

Once goods have been auctioned, As per the Auctioneers Act 2013 payment is available 10 working days after auction (or 14 calendar days). In cases of estates or larger quantities of goods, we usually pay-out once all the items have sold through, though your “payment to date” is available on request if you prefer.

We try to deal with everything as quickly as possible but there can be some delays for unsold goods or large “trickle through” quantities.

If you wish to withdrawal an item once it has been open to the public for viewing it will be subject to a $20 or 16% withdrawal free.

We charge 26% commission + GST on the commission portion only which will be deducted from the sale price of items.

As an example, if we sold an item of yours for $100.00 then the following would apply:

Sold for = $100.00

Commission = $26

GST = $3.90

Pay-out = $70.10

Payment is made via internet transfer after May 2021 accompanied by an itemised statement.


Contact us via the form below to arrange pick-up of your items, or give us a call.