It’s been 10 years since we increased our Buyers Prem and Vendor Commission, and with the increase in wages etc, we have increased these to the following amount:

Buyers prem will go to 16% + GST and Vendor commission will go to 26% + GST

We are moving the tools section back to our Thursday auction.

Rangatira contents auction 9th June 2018

Items from the Rangatira like portholes, timber, ropes, survival suits, machinary and much more will be going up for auction on Saturday 9th June 2018 at 12 noon.

New auction days starting 2nd April 2018

From the 2nd April 2018, we are going to be running 3 auctions a week of smaller lot numbers. On average these auctions will be approx 150-200 lots each, and will run for 1 to 1 half hours. Click on the link for times etc. New Auction days from 2nd April 2018

13th Jan 2014

New requirement under the Auctioneers Act 2013. When bringing in gear to be sold, we are now required to get a DOB (Date of Birth) from the vendor.

19th Nov 2013

Closed for the Christmas/New Year period. Our last Auction for the year will be on 19th Dec, we will be closing for the year at 12 noon on Friday 20th Dec. We will be open again for inward goods on the 6th Jan 2014 and our first Auction will be on the 9th Jan 2014.

27th Sep 2011 – New Gallery format

We have a new gallery format being created, so if there is any issues with it, please let us know, so we can correct it. This will be getting modified and improved over the coming weeks… If there is any major problems we can upload the older gallery format.

10th Sep 2011 – We are now on Facebook

The Auction is now on Facebook, so if you want to be notified about up and coming items, you can search for us under The Auction and link to us.

19th April 2011

Not being able to load photo gallery or catalogue. If you are locating our website via Google, DO NOT load a “cache” page. The “Next Auction” page along with the Gallery links & Photo Catalogue pages are updated each week, so a “cache” page is going to be out of date. Another problem that some people have been having is that their computer is “caching” pages to their local hard drive. You can either turn off “caching” in your browser settings, or while holding down the CTRL key press F5. This forces your browser to get a fresh copy of the web page.

13th June 2010

Photo & Printing catalogue. I’ve been working on both the Photo Link catalogue and the printing catalogue, both are now working correctly and you may notice with the print catalogue that it now has our name & details at the top of each page.

9th June 2010

Photo Link catalogue. There was a slight glitch with the catalogue that we detected last week, where if clicking on the image link (mostly on the left hand side), it failed to load the image. I forgot to correct this. I have corrected the current catalogue “Auction – General 184 10 June 2010”.

8th June 2010

I have been working on the Auction Program to allow us to enter the data that much quicker, and as a result we have the catalogue up and viewable tonight. With a little luck and some more tweaks we should be able to have it this way each week… fingers crossed.

5th May 2010

Printing version of catalogue. There is still an error happening with the Printing version of the catalogue. Eg: Gen 179 lots 673 to 683 are not appearing? I have not had time to pull the coding apart to see why or how this is happening, but as soon as I can I will correct it.

15th Feb 2010

Buyers Premium & Selling Commission will increase by 2.5%. Due to the continued cost rises in running of “The Auction” it is with much regret, that after three & half years of trading without increase, we have finally succumbed & can no longer withstand the rises which have forced our decision to raise the rates. We hope that you will continue to Enjoy “The Auction” Experience & thank you for your understanding & continued custom.