AUCTION 780 - LAST AUCTION on 07 Jul 2022

Lot: 1 - Reserve $700Brand New Lifan 6.5hp
Horizontal Log Splitter #1

Lot: 2 - Reserve $700Brand New Lifan 6.5hp
Horizontal Log Splitter #2

Lot: 3 Lay-z-spa Miami 4-person Inflatable

Lot: 4 Brand New Nouveau 1700mm Freestandin
g Right Corner Bath

Lot: 5 3.2x2.9m Roll of Carpet

Lot: 6 New Nouveau 600mm Cabinet Unit For
Wall Oven / Microwave

Lot: 7 Box Dolly Unit

Lot: 8 Honda Generator Fuel Tank

Lot: 9 Pair of Shop Sign Bases #1

Lot: 10 Pair of Shop Sign Bases #2

Lot: 11 Procut 1000w Electric Lawnmower

Lot: 12 Gorilla Multi-purpose Ladder

Lot: 13 Hydraulic Tank & Shoot For Log

Lot: 14 Morrison 400 Reel Mower

Lot: 15 Makita 18v Lithium-ion Cordless
Drill (battery, No Charger)

Lot: 16 Makita 18v Lithium-ion Impact Wrenc
h (battery, No Charger)

Lot: 17 Makita 18v Lithium-ion Impact Wrenc
h #2 (battery, No Charger)

Lot: 18 Makita 18v Cut Out Tool (handpiece

Lot: 19 Makita 18v Parts Impact Wrench,
Extension Handle & Grinder Handle

Lot: 20 Makita 18v Lithium-ion Drill #2
(battery, No Charger)

Lot: 21 Makita 18v Lithium-ion Rotary Hamme
r (battery, No Charger)

Lot: 22 Makita 18v Die Grinder (handpiece

Lot: 23 Makita 18v Angle Grinder (handpiece

Lot: 24 Makita 18v Cordless Drill (handpiec
e Only)

Lot: 25 Milwaukee 18v Impact Wrench W/
Charger (no Battery)

Lot: 26 Milwaukee 18v Impact Wrench W/
Charger #2 (no Battery)

Lot: 27 Milwaukee 18v Impact Wrench W/
Charger #3 (no Battery)

Lot: 28 Plastic Planter & Contents (250mm
& 200mm Bolts & 16mm Dynabolts)

Lot: 29 Milwaukee 18v Impact Wrench (handpi
ece Only)

Lot: 30 Milwaukee 18v Led Torch & Worklamp

Lot: 31 Milwaukee 18v Angle Grinder W/
Charger (no Battery)

Lot: 32 Milwaukee 18v Cordless Drill #1
(handpiece Only)

Lot: 33 Milwaukee 18v Cordless Drill #2
(handpiece Only)

Lot: 34 Milwaukee 18v Cordless Drill #3
(handpiece Only)

Lot: 35 Bundle of Wooden Pegs For Garden
Edging etc.

Lot: 36 1800x800mm Rolling Tilt Table

Lot: 37 2x New Pull Starts

Lot: 38 - Reserve $65New Petrol Motor

Lot: 39 - Reserve $65New Petrol Motor

Lot: 40 480x430mm Stainless Steel Sink

Lot: 41 1970x610mm Trestle Table

Lot: 42 Precision 10 Inch Woodcutting Bands

Lot: 43 Zenoah G380 Chainsaw W/ 5 Litre
Fuel Container

Lot: 44 Nouveau 600x35mm Stability Rail
& One Second Plumber Pack

Lot: 45 Pair of Arlec 12v Battery Chargers

Lot: 46 As New Trailer Coupling

Lot: 47 Freezer Baskets & Canvas Packs
Incl. Black & Decker Leaf Bag

Lot: 48 Large Quantity of Assorted Bed

Lot: 49 Box Lot of Asst. Plastering & Gib
Gear etc.

Lot: 50 Group of Asst New Nuts & Bolts

Lot: 51 - Reserve $60New 70w Outdoor Speak

Lot: 52 New Greens Venti Mixer Tap

Lot: 53 Toilet Stability Rail Set, Stop
Taps, Towel Rail etc

Lot: 54 Folding Trestle Table

Lot: 55 Metal Toolbox & Contents Screwdrive
rs, Wrenches, Nails etc

Lot: 56 Metal Toolbox & Contents

Lot: 57 3x Bird Transporters

Lot: 58 5x New Float Switches

Lot: 59 2x Spray Painting Guns & 12v Inspec
tion Lamp

Lot: 60 New Bottle of Trolley Jack Fluid

Lot: 61 3x Metal, Egg Slicers

Lot: 62 6x New Float Switches & Led Down

Lot: 63 Pair of Footpath Shop Sign Bases

Lot: 64 Talon Petrol Hedge Trimmers

Lot: 65 Single Hob Gas Cooker & Gas Torch

Lot: 66 3x Electrical Component Charts

Lot: 67 Ww2 Torpedo Boat Copper Coms Tube

Lot: 68 Lawntenda Spreader

Lot: 69 Pair of Tidy Camp Stretchers

Lot: 70 Asst T Stone Panels

Lot: 71 Funky Mail Box

Lot: 72 Arc Welder

Lot: 73 Movers Blankets

Lot: 74 3x Folding Camp Chairs & 2x Air

Lot: 75 Group of Asst Door Mats

Lot: 76 Avanti Hammer 27spd Front Suspensio
n Mountain Bike

Lot: 77 Motorcycle Rack Pack

Lot: 78 Wooden Workshop Bench 136cm W X
93cm H

Lot: 79 2x Hanging Lights

Lot: 80 Tub Asst Items Vehicle Manuals,
Number Plate, Shooting Glasses etc

Lot: 81 Qualcast Electric Reel Mower

Lot: 82 Bondioli & Pavesi Tractor Pto Shaft

Lot: 83 Echo Petrol Line Trimmer

Lot: 84 4x New Long Bags ( Good Size For
A 22 )

Lot: 85 Solid Metal Base Table #1

Lot: 86 Cane Basket, Sewing Gear & Small
Wooden Boxes

Lot: 87 2x Boxes Asst Computer Gear

Lot: 88 Small Round Glass Top Patio Table

Lot: 89 Carry Bag & Contents Frypan, Tongs
& Roasting Dish

Lot: 90 Assorted Plastic Planters, Old
Glass Bottles & Enamel Dish etc.

Lot: 90.01 - Reserve $120Masport Briggs
& Stratton 148cc Mower

Lot: 91 Solid Metal Base Table #2

Lot: 92 Stream Basin Mixer & Shower Set

Lot: 93 Rangehood Venting Kit #1

Lot: 94 Wagon Wheel Hub

Lot: 95 Rangehood Venting Kit #2

Lot: 96 Soild Metal Base Table #3

Lot: 97 Log Splitter Hydrolic Ram & Tank
& Tray #1

Lot: 98 Speed Camera Sign

Lot: 99 Log Splitter Hydrolic Ram & Tank
& Tray #2

Lot: 100 Solid Metal Base Table #4

Lot: 101 2015 Mitsi Mirage Reg 09/22 Wof
1/23 65,000km Very Tidy

Lot: 102 New Kitchen Sink Insert & Drain

Lot: 103 Timber Fireplace Mantle

Lot: 104 Wooden Trellis Panel

Lot: 105 3x Floor Squeegee's

Lot: 106 Group of Asst Items New Nuts &
Bolts, Riveter, Float Switches etc

Lot: 107 Pick, Logspiltter, Slasher & Sledg

Lot: 108 Spade & Log Splitter

Lot: 109 Ladder

Lot: 110 New Sliding Door Rail & Curtain

Lot: 111 Roll of Building Paper & Roll
of Doormat Type Material

Lot: 112 2x Large Saw Blades

Lot: 113 Days Pump

Lot: 114 Large Stabila 183cm Builders Level

Lot: 115 Sack Barrow

Lot: 116 Group of Asst. Garden Tools (shove
l, Fork, Post Spade etc.)

Lot: 117 Roll of Plastic Fence Netting

Lot: 118 New Kitchen Sink Insert & Drain

Lot: 119 Box Asst New Plumbing Fittings

Lot: 120 Metal Garden Hose Reel

Lot: 121 Knapsack Pressure Sprayer

Lot: 122 Pair of Sack Barrow Wheels

Lot: 123 Assorted Part Tins of Paint

Lot: 124 Portable Jump Pack

Lot: 125 Super Searcheye 10,000,000 Candle
Power Spotlight

Lot: 126 5 X Float Switches (new In Pack)

Lot: 127 Wheelbarrow Wheel

Lot: 128 Group of Various Lengths of Lay
Flat Hose (5m & 8m etc.)

Lot: 129 Cobra 1300w Circular Saw

Lot: 130 Mosaic Tile Pack

Lot: 131 Small Mail Boss Flat Top Mailbox

Lot: 132 520w Electric Hedgetrimmer

Lot: 133 Coil of Steel Cable & Group of
Plant Supports etc.

Lot: 134 As New Elementi Matte Black Bathro
om Mixer Tap

Lot: 135 Large Group Lot of Assorted Door
Fittings & Bathroom Fittings etc.

Lot: 136 Nouveau 600x35mm Stability Rail
& One Second Plumber Pack

Lot: 137 Vintage First Aid Cabinet

Lot: 138 Arlec & Perei 12v Battery Chargers

Lot: 139 Worx 250w Multi-tool

Lot: 140 2 X Stainless Steel Part Vanity
Base Sets

Lot: 141 As New Chrome Bath Spout & Shower

Lot: 142 Zylyss Hobby Vice

Lot: 143 Small Wall Mount Basin & One Secon
d Plumber Pack

Lot: 144 Speedline 6 Inch Bench Grinder

Lot: 145 Pair of 1/4hp Ac Motors

Lot: 146 Box Lot of Coal Sacks

Lot: 147 Pair of Vintage 400mm Wood Planes

Lot: 148 New 6-pack of Passage Sets

Lot: 149 5 X Float Switches (new In Packs)

Lot: 150 Set of New Chrome Bath Taps &
Heated Towel Rail Transformer

Lot: 151 Bin of Asst. Garden & Automotive
Products (trans Fluid, Belt Grip etc.

Lot: 152 New Foreno Chrome Shower Mixer

Lot: 153 As New Chrome Bath Spout & Shower
Mixer #2

Lot: 154 Milwaukee Tool Bag

Lot: 155 Box Lot of Assorted New Water
Pump Parts (filter Surrounds etc.)

Lot: 156 Box of Unique Light Fixtures

Lot: 157 Crate of Assorted Netting, Rope
& Tie Wire etc.

Lot: 158 Tool Carrier, Plastic Toolbox
& Led Camp Lantern

Lot: 159 Sheepskin Car Seat Covers

Lot: 160 8 X Full & Part Rolls of Osbourne
& Lyttle Wipeable Wallpaper

Lot: 161 2400x760mm Trestle Table

Lot: 162 Grubber & Pick

Lot: 163 Hills 2.2x1.2m Fold-down Clothesli
ne (as Is Where Is)

Lot: 164 2x Rolls of Weed Mat

Lot: 165 Grubber, Slasher & Hoe

Lot: 166 Large Bundle of Polyfoam 40mm
Podsticks & Pair of Table Bases

Lot: 167 Karcher Winner 10 Waterblaster

Lot: 168 20x Wooden Pegs

Lot: 169 Duropal Bench Top

Lot: 170 4-tier Platic Trolley Unit

Lot: 171 Long Reach Pruners, Loppers &
Grass Shears

Lot: 172 Mountain Horse Riding Jacket (size

Lot: 173 Portable 2-burner Gas Stove

Lot: 174 Head Size S Horse Riding Helmet

Lot: 175 2 X Windscreen Sunvisors, Spare
Wheel Cover & Steering Wheel Cover

Lot: 176 Gold Pan & Syphon

Lot: 177 As New Lidded Dyeing Pot

Lot: 178 Master 7ft 2-piece Fishig Rod

Lot: 179 Limar Size M Freestyle Helmet

Lot: 181 Butchers Knives & Caddy

Lot: 182 Hiking Pack

Lot: 183 3 X Hardhats

Lot: 184 Security Cameras & Large Length
& Coil of Cable

Lot: 185 Katsu Kitchen Knife Set

Lot: 186 Galvanised Watering Can

Lot: 187 Beekeepers Headgear

Lot: 188 Skellerup Waders (size8-9)

Lot: 188.01 Trestle Table

Lot: 189 Pair of Childrens Fishing Rods

Lot: 190 Clearlite 1210x460mm Vanity Top

Lot: 191 Sunshine Leisure Mk 3 Beachcomber
12x9 Canvas Tent

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