We have new people coming in each & every week for whom auctions are a new experience, we were all new to auctions at some point, so we pride ourselves on offering great service in being as helpful & informative as possible.

There are several ways in which to bid:

  • Floor bids
  • Absentee bids
  • Phone bids
  • Bids via Telephone
  • Online bids

On auction day, we have a registration folder with floor bidder numbers, which correspond with the register. Simply fill out your name & contact details in the register & take the corresponding number. You are now eligible to bid by showing your number when your lot comes up as indicated by the auctioneer.

This facility enables you to take part in the bidding process without being physically present on auction day.

Simply fill out an absentee sheet with your name & contact details, the lot number of the item that you wish to bid on & the highest price that you are prepared to bid. Leave the sheet with us and we will bid up to that price on your behalf.

When making an absentee bid, we can advise you of our price expectations and/or any relevant reserve prices. You will be given an absentee buyers number with our contact details which enables you to check whether your bids were successful simply by ringing & quoting your buyer number.

If you are successful in your bid but are unable to contact us, we follow up by making contact with you, usually within 24 hours.

We can take absentee bids by telephone but strongly recommend that you visit the premises to view the lot or lots and make a more informed choice.

Telephone bids work in the same way as absentee bidding except you would give us a call to place your bid prices in advance, we take your details & give you an absentee buyers number over the phone, we would then bid up to those prices on your behalf.

Again, we take absentee bids by telephone but strongly recommend that you visit the premises to view the lot or lots and make a more informed choice.

Telephone bidding also works in the same way as absentee bidding except you do not necessarily leave a price, we would give you a call a few lots early & enable you to listen to the relevant auction in progress, giving you the opportunity to take part in the auction as it happens without being present.

Please note that, though every effort is made, this option is usually reserved for the higher price ranged items & cannot be guaranteed.

You can also send us bids via this website. Simply fill out the required fields, (Name, phone and email), and your bids. If you are not local (being from Timaru), please let us know how your bids will be collected. We can send you a html invoice to pay directly in to our account.

All goods must be paid for prior to being removed from our premises.

Please remember by placing an absentee bid you are entering in to a contract to pay for the item if you are successful.

Bidding increments

Bidding increments are at the auctioneers discretion based on reserve prices, book bids, & expectations of prices for goods being auctioned, as well as other factors like bid jumpers where somebody may shout a price higher than that of the auctioneer. They vary quite widely from $2.00 increments to perhaps $50.00 or even $100.00. If bid increments are going to change through the course of selling, the auctioneer will inform bidders of the increment change, this happens in cases of frenzied or multi-people bidding for example.

Buyers Premium

If you are a successful bidder, there will be a 16% buyers premium and GST on the premium portion only.

For example if you bought something for $100.00, you would pay the following:-

Bid = $100.00

Buyers Prem = $16

GST = $2.40

Total = $118.40

We have a Collection & Delivery service available (charges apply) please ring or see office for a quote. Out of town enquiries welcome.